• Characters & Races

    Three playable races are featured in the game: Humans, Namekians, and the new Majin race.
    There are currently two core classes, one pertaining to physical damage while the other either to spiritual damage or a supportive caste, for each race.

  • Scouters

    Players have also access to a range of weapons and items, some of which are exclusive to Dragon Ball Online.
    Scouters are a very common combat-related tool which, like in the Dragon Ball franchise, allows the user to read the power level of enemies.

  • Gameplay

    As with other MMORPGs, players control a character avatar, which will be viewing the HUD from a third-person perspective, within a persistent game world, where they will be able to explore the landscape, search for the Dragon Balls, train to compete in the Tenkaichi Budokai, aspiring to become like the warriors of legend, as well as interact with NPCs and other players.

  • Dragon Ball Hunt

    Get ready for the Dragon Ball Hunt events, search for the Dragon Balls, find a shenron altar and make your wish come true.


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